Unhappy with
the way you
look or feel?

Discover something important about yourself now. Click on a vase that would best represent your image at the moment.

  • Small


    Feel small? Insignificant? Not good enough?

    A fragile maternal attachment may result in a vulnerable adult. The person with low self esteem tends to create a distorted self image, feeling unvalued, unlovable and very small, consequently destroying important relationships. Let's re-create a greater you!

  • Ugly


    Feeling ugly? Unhappy with the way you look?

    Your therapist can help you re-examine your life experiences, allowing you to better understand the causes of those feelings. Let's re-create a beautiful you!

  • Empty


    Feeling empty? Nothing fulfils you? No love is good enough?

    Problems during your childhood may impact your relationships in adult life. Dealing with these issues in a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship would help you to feel fulfilled, loved and lovable. Let's get you feeling fulfilled!

  • Broken


    Feeling broken? Shattered? In pieces?

    Divorce, illness or any other experience of loss can cause these feelings. In a safe relationship with your therapist you can talk about your pain, and receive the emotional and psychological support you need. Let's put you back together again!

  • Cracked


    Feeling cracked? Fragile? Struggling to keep it all together?

    We have our daily up and downs, and we may feel that the structure of our selves is not strong enough to support moments of crisis or unexpected situations. Your therapist will listen to you and help you to learn how to cope. Let's re-create a solid you!